Siemens to Build Plant in China for Sewage Treatment Products, Systems

Aug. 24, 2005

Siemens AG said it plans to build a plant in China's northern municipality of Tianjin next month to manufacture sewage-treatment products and systems for the Chinese market, the China Daily reported.

The plan is part of Siemens' planned investment in China over the next few years, but the company did not provide any further details, the newspaper said.

Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group has a 50-50 joint venture with Tianjin National Water Engineering & Equipment Co, which sold $3 million worth of sewage-treatment products and systems last year, the newspaper said.

The joint venture anticipates that at least 800 to 900 new treatment plants for drinking water will be needed in towns and cities by 2010 to raise annual drinking water capacity by three percent, the newspaper said.

The number of waste-water treatment plants would have to be more than doubled in the coming five years from the current 700 to increase waste-water purification capacity by 10% annually, the newspaper added.

Source: Siemens