City of Fresno Switches to MWH Soft Geospatial Sewer Modeling Technology

Dec. 8, 2005

MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, announced that the City of Fresno, the California's sixth largest city and its largest inland city, has selected MWH Soft's H2OMAP Sewer Suite Pro to replace its existing sewer modeling solution.

The City of Fresno's wastewater system serves more than 500,000 customers in the Fresno metropolitan area through 1,400 mi of sewer lines ranging in size from 6 to 84 in. in diameter and 15 sewer lift stations. The city plans to leverage the power of H2OMAP Sewer to develop cost-effective expansion and rehabilitation strategies for its wastewater infrastructure - changes designed to best accommodate continued community growth, maintain regulatory requirements and improve operations.

"We were looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use sewer modeling solution - one that combined the powerful features of GIS with advanced analysis and reporting capabilities," said Gary Winkler, project manager for the City of Fresno. "H2OMAP Sewer intuitive interface really demystified the complex modeling process, making us feel confident about mastering the technology and getting up to speed right away. The software's compatibility with ArcGIS, rich functionality, ease of use and remarkable computational speed and stability made it the clear choice for our city."

Developed and supported by industry experts, H2OMAP Sewer is used by municipal engineers, consultants and planners worldwide to create detailed, accurate models of sanitary and storm sewer collection systems. These models enable users to assess the effect of new developments, zoning changes and other additional loads on system flows. They also help pinpoint current and future problem areas; determine how best to restore capacity lost to infiltration and inflow with the least rehabilitation; predict unwanted overflow events and backups; develop sound, cost-effective improvement alternatives; meet environmental regulations; and enhance community relations. The program offers fast, comprehensive hydraulic and dynamic water quality computational capabilities, including steady-state analysis using various peaking factors and automated system design and sophisticated dynamic modeling that considers flow attenuation, time of concentration and source tracing. Other capabilities include pollutant, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), sediment transport/deposition, hydrogen sulfide and corrosion modeling.

"H2OMAP Sewer continues to receive very high praises from leading utilities and engineering consultants worldwide," said J. Erick Heath, PE, vice president of Sales and Client Relations at MWH Soft. "New users see an immediate and dramatic improvement in the detail and complexity of their enterprise GIS-based modeling projects. That's the key reason for our system's unprecedented adoption and satisfaction rates."

"Companies all over the world continue to recognize the benefits of high performance geospatial modeling," said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, president and COO of MWH Soft. "H2OMAP Sewer offers the most effective approach to maximizing the value of an enterprise's geospatial and modeling data that leads to faster and more informed decision making and enhanced operations. We're proud that a city with such an advanced engineering organization and accomplished track record has invested in MWH Soft software, and very excited to participate in the city's success."

Source: MWH Soft

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