CBS Signs on for Second Advertising Campaign with AquaCell

Dec. 13, 2005
Network to Promote New Show with Ads on AquaCell's Water Cooler ''Billboards''

AquaCell Technologies announced that its AquaCell Media subsidiary has received a three-month contract for a new CBS television advertising campaign for the first quarter of 2006.

Recognizing the success of AquaCell's water cooler billboards for generating awareness and excitement for last September's launch of its new comedy, “Out of Practice,” CBS has once again turned to Aquacell water coolers to help generate "water cooler buzz" for a new CBS comedy starring Jenna Elfman.

"We're thrilled that CBS Television has again chosen our ‘Coolertising’ out-of-home advertising alternative," said Michael Dougherty, president of AquaCell Media. "Our cost-effective program reaches consumers on the go with an advertising message that can't be clicked-off or blocked-out."

The new CBS ads will reach consumers via "Coolertising," mini-billboards on water coolers and cup dispensers installed in the pharmacy areas of drug stores. Promotion for the new comedy will be featured on water coolers in hundreds of Rite Aid and Duane Reade stores in the New York and Los Angeles areas.

Source: AquaCell

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