H2O Innovation Chosen by ATCO Structures to Supply Drinking Water Treatment System

Dec. 6, 2005

De Beers, the largest supplier of rough diamonds in the world, will produce drinking water at its new diamond mine, Victor, with a membrane filtration system from H2O Innovation. The Victor project is situated in the James Bay region of northern Ontario. During the three-year construction phase, the system will supply up to 880 people with drinking water. After the construction phase, the same system will be adapted to serve a permanent accommodation complex of close to 250 inhabitants. H2O was awarded the contract by ATCO Structures, the company contracted by AMEC to build and install the workforce housing at Ontario’s first diamond mine.

“One of the critical points of this project was to design a process that could adapt to the two phases of this project without increasing the costs; the difficulty comes from the need during the first phase to treat ground water, then surface water in the second phase,” said Guillaume Clairet, account manager for H2O. This challenge can be met by H2O thanks to its expertise in design and the portfolio of technologies that can treat different types of raw water. The two units that constitute the treatment system will be prefabricated and delivered to Victor ready for connection to the network in January 2006.

Source: H2O Innovation