H2O Innovation Helps Restaurants Respect Quebec Environmental Regulations

Dec. 1, 2005

Many restaurants have no access to municipal sewers, and conventional septic systems do not have the capacity to treat the heavier loaded effluent that is produced, sometimes five times heavier than sanitary effluent. Three Quebec restaurants found solutions with BIO-FOSSE systems from H2O Innovation, Inc.

H2O offers treatment systems that are adapted to these applications, systems that are simple to use and more efficient than conventional treatment. All three systems have been installed and operational since June, October and November of this year.

“Both installations received the Certificate of Approval by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment in order to respect the provincial regulations for environmental protection,” said Marie Cabana, environmental inspector for the Municipality of Chelsea. The third installation also received a Certificate of Approval.

The installations consist of a biological reactor that promotes the natural development of specific bacteria to degrade pollution in wastewater. The reactor follows a grease trap and a septic tank and is followed by a sludge settling tank and an accumulation basin.

“The system is as efficient as a large municipal treatment process but very simple and easy to operate. Using no chemicals, it also has a small foot print,” said Paulo Diogo, consultant for Guy Blain, owner of L’Orée du Bois, one of the restaurants. After maintaining a problematic conventional system and searching for the right solution for three years, Diogo was pleased to discover H2O Innovation’s system, which was implemented in three months.

Source: H2O Innovation