Hatch Enters AC Hall-of-Fame

Nov. 22, 2005

Dr. Gary Hatch has been inducted into the Activated Carbon Hall-of-Fame. He delivered his plenary lecture at the 16th International Activated Carbon Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. Hatch spoke to the major advancements in point-of-use activated carbon filtration systems accomplished by his research team located at Pentair Filtration, Inc. in Sheboygan, Wis., a division of Pentair Water.

Hatch is the director of Research and Development at Pentair, the manufacturer of PENTEK brand water filtration products. In this position, Hatch has contributed to the advancement of activated carbon with the development of monitored dual-housing under-sink systems for the reduction of various drinking water contaminants. In addition to his on-going research initiatives, Hatch was instrumental in the creation of built-in flow control, pressure regulation and automatic shut-off devices for point-of-use systems.

As a result of his in-lab successes, Hatch has had the opportunity to publish numerous papers and secure eight U.S. Patents during his water treatment industry tenure.

Source: Pentair Filtration, Inc.

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