Sentinel Solutions Dives in to Guard Water Quality in Public Hot Tubs

Nov. 3, 2005

Sentinel Solutions, Inc., a company developing products for monitoring the safety and toxicity of public water, has answered the call for protecting the water quality in public hot tubs.

The Center for Disease Control, in Atlanta, Ga. inspected and tested the water quality of 5000 hot tubs during the years 1999-2000. The CDC reported 57% of the tubs tested were found to be in violation of public health requirements, and the majority of these offences were cited as water quality issues.

During the same time period, 13 infectious disease outbreaks were documented by the CDC, and officials point to spas as prime breeding grounds for bacteria, including legionella and other waterborne diseases.

Sentinel Solutions, Inc. is introducing the Water Reporter to provide secure and reliable water quality monitoring for spas and hot tubs. It is expected that hotels, fitness clubs, hospitals and physiotherapy facilities will be quick to take advantage of the Water Reporter technology. Home and private facilities will also be able to utilize the water monitoring equipment.

The Water Reporter is a compact, programmable micro controller that supports up to 3, 4-20 mA analog inputs, which can be uniquely identified. It has the ability to monitor chlorine, pH, alkalinity, turbidity or what parameter your system requires. The digital dry contacts have the ability to monitor such items as UV light. The Water Reporter has a four-line digital display with a modem to contact the service department of any out of parameter results.

Source: Sentinel Solutions, Inc.