First International Conference for China Urban Water Development

Oct. 19, 2005
October Conference Will Feature Development Stratagies and Exhibitions of New Technology and Facilities for Water Treatment

The Ministry of Construction, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Environmental Protection Administration will hold the International Conference for China Urban Water Development Strategies & Exhibition of New Technologies and Facilities for Water Treatment. The first annual conference will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1.

According to Qiu Baoxing, vice ministor of the Ministry of Construction, the conference will provide a platform of communication and dialogue for representatives from water administrations, local authorities, departments of water management, scientific research and development, design, operation, consulting and financing. With this platform, authoritative information of sectoral development strategies, policies, regulations, planning and standards will be dissminated, international advanced concepts and practices will be spread, critical issues relevant to urban water development will be disscussed and new wastewater treatment technologies, equipment and experiences of construction and management in excellrnt demonstration projects will be shared.

In the 20 to 30 years ahead, the water industry in cities of China will be located in a period of fast growth. By 2010, the annual growth rate of the Chinese Water market will be kept at around 15%. With the enforcement of a series of important policies in water sector marketing and standardization, China will provide better opportunities and a broader market for the global water field, Baoxing said.

Source: ICUW