RBF Consulting Ranks #1-- Best Firm to Work for in the Nation

Sept. 28, 2005

RBF Consulting, one of 12,500 engineering firms nationwide, has earned the distinction of being the “Best Civil Engineering Firm to Work For” in the United States. In a summit and awards ceremony held by CE News in Baltimore, MD, RBF ranked number one in the nation.

“We encourage our team to follow their passion for civil engineering, community and environmental planning, urban design, surveying and construction management in an environment that makes them happy,” said Bob Kallenbaugh, RBF co-president. “Being recognized nationally for the culture that we embrace and being able to tell the world about our amazing RBF team is an honor and a privilege.”

Key factors in the selection of RBF Consulting as the best firm included the working relationships within the company among the team members and with RBF leadership, the richness of the corporate culture, vision and mission of the firm, professional development opportunities, employee benefits, family atmosphere, advanced technology, social events and involvement in community service activities.

The award, designed by CE News Magazine, is presented to the firm that ranks the highest in the submittal process, which includes a corporate survey, employee satisfaction survey and personal interviews with executive members of the company.

“It has been RBF’s heartfelt mission to ‘make the world a better place,’” stated James McDonald, co-president of the firm. “Every team member strives to improve our nation’s communities, transportation, storm water management and water systems, and overall environment, as they work hand in hand with our clients. To help our employees achieve this goal, RBF leadership team does everything possible to make the world a better place for our 930 employees.”

Source: RBF Consulting