Electronic Aquagenics Unlimited, Inc. Announces Latin American License Agreement

Sept. 26, 2005

Electric Aquagenics Unlimited, Inc. (EAU) announced it has licensed the exclusive rights to market its Empowered Water and protectant technologies and other products and services to Water Sciences, LLC (WS) for Central, South America , including Mexico. WS paid one million dollars for the right to market and distribute EAU’s products and services in Latin America. EAU will also receive a royalty on certain of WS revenues.

WS also made a three million dollar strategic investment in EAU. “This is a significant turning point and milestone for our company,” said Gaylord Karren, EAU’s Chairman and CEO. “Water Science’s management is extremely competent, visionary and very successful. In our business experience, we have never met a group of people that has caught the vision and embraced the technology as well as Water Science’s management.” Water Sciences intends to enter the Latin America market place with EAU’s Empowered Water technologies in the fresh cut flower markets.

EAU is a supplier of technologies with numerous applications targeting a wide array of industries. The company's water-based and non-toxic products and services will replace many of the traditional methods and products now being used for cleaning, disinfecting, hydrating and moisturizing. EAU has solutions for existing bacteria, virus and mold proliferation threats. EAU continues to document test results in the food processing, mold remediation and carpet cleaning industries demonstrating unprecedented pathogen killing effectiveness. At the acidity levels that EAU employs, testing results demonstrate zero toxicity throughout every application.

Source: Electric Aquagenics Unlimited, Inc.

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