Seprotech Board of Directors Appoints New Chief Executive

Oct. 14, 2005

The board of directors of Seprotech Systems, Inc. announced that it appointed Martin J. Hauschild to the position of president and chief executive officer and a director. Gilles R. Turcotte resigned as CEO and as a director as an initial step towards retirement. He will remain with the company as a part-time consultant to ensure a smooth transition in the management of the company.

Hauschild has twenty years of experience in the environmental technology sector. He has served as an engineering officer in the Canadian Forces as well as a senior executive in several environmental companies. Hauschild has been with Seprotech since 2002 as executive vice president for Business Development. "I am very excited about taking on this important position," said Hauschild. "Seprotech has a range of tremendously exciting technologies, an exceptionally qualified and motivated staff and I am looking forward to driving this company forward to its next level of growth."

Turcotte will be assisting Hauschild with the management transition as well as to complete a certain number of projects in his consulting role. "The last six years with Seprotech have been very rewarding," said Turcotte. "This is a long period of time for any chief executive to serve and I am proud of what we have accomplished in the restructuring and positioning of this business. I've worked closely with Hauschild over the last three years and my role is now to help him make this transition as smooth as possible."

"The board of directors of Seprotech Systems would like to thank Turcotte for his hard work and tremendous efforts in bringing the company to this stage of its evolution," said Justin Connidis, chairman of the board. "Gilles led the company through a challenging merger and acquisition process and a demanding product development phase and we are grateful for all of his efforts."

Seprotech is a provider of pre-engineered water and wastewater treatment plants to the land development, industrial, resource and military market places, including membrane-based water treatment systems and the ROTORDISK® biological wastewater treatment systems.

Source: Seprotech Systems, Inc.

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