Federal Government to Allocate Billions to Restore Water Supply as the Primary Goal in Relief Effort

Sept. 19, 2005

HydroFlo Water Treatment, Inc., a portfolio company of HydroFlo, Inc., announced the company will consult with federal, state and local officials in an effort to restore sewer treatment and water supply throughout the Hurricane-ravaged areas in the Gulf Region. The company, through lobbying firm mCapitol, has made contact with several government officials to expedite the distribution of water filtration systems and consulting services to enable local municipalities to restore basic sanitary living conditions.

Dennis Mast, chief executive officer of HydroFlo said, "We have already contacted federal, state and local officials, and we are contributing all the resources at our disposal to assist in the relief effort. Our investors should know that John Milne is doing all he can to secure a portion of the $100 billion that is being made available for disaster relief."

President Bush recently spoke of the immediate need to restore the basic necessities such as sewer and water to local municipalities. In order to restore the infrastructure and to return residents to their homes and business places, there must clean potable water and a means of maintaining a secure abundant supply. HydroFlo has committed to supplying 5,000 drinking water filtration units for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The toxicity of the floodwaters is one of the key elements of concern for officials in the Gulf Region. Based on a recent news report by the Associated Press, Concerns Grow About Toxic Floodwaters, first response organizations such as the Department of Health, the Centers for Disease and Prevention, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have determined that. "The floodwaters are thick with sewage-related bacteria that are at least 10 times higher than acceptable safety limits. [They] contain E. coli, certain viruses and a type of cholera-like bacteria."

According to Mast, ARTI-64, the patented MARTI water filtration technology, reduces many of these bacteria in water making it safer for human consumption. He explained the company's commitment to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. "I am extremely concerned for the health and well-being of the people in the Gulf Region who have been stricken by this devastating event. I have personally lived through five hurricanes, and I know what type of damage a storm of Katrina's magnitude can have on the lives of families and individuals. I am honored to be able to offer these services to our fellow citizens during this horrific crisis."

Source: HydroFlo, Inc.

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