Romeoville Mayor Fred Dewald to Cut the Ribbon on a New Water Treatment

Aug. 17, 2005

Mayor Fred Dewald officially opens the first of several planned Ion Exchange Plants in Romeoville, Ill., on August 18 at 3:00 p.m. designed to improve drinking water quality by lowering existing levels of radium in the drinking water to readings below what is required by new Environmental Protection Agency standards.

This opening will serve as a milestone for Romeoville after the Mayor and Board of Trustees approved resolution 04-0182 back in Feb. 4, 2004 that paved the way for further improvements to supply quality drinking water for all Romeoville citizens and unincorporated areas of Plainfield.

"The citizens of Romeoville deserve the highest quality drinking water, free of any contaminants," said Mayor Dewald. "We cannot control the hand that Mother Nature deals in terms of water quality but we can play the cards we are dealt and improve the quality through technology. I made it a priority for this administration to improve water quality regardless of political obstacles," Mayor Dewald said.

Mayor Dewald will explain the importance and significance of this Ion Exchange Plant during the ceremony. Romeoville Director of Public Works Dan Bromberek will be on hand for questioning.

Source: WQP/WWD