Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corp. Names Veteran Food Merchandiser as Chief Operating Officer

Aug. 12, 2005

Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corp. announced the appointment of Frank Chessman as Chief Operating Officer. Chessman joined the Company in the fall of 2004 as Vice President -- Sales and Marketing. Prior to joining Nationwide, Chessman served in various executive sales and management positions for over 35 years. Following his graduation from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California in 1969, he began a 19-year career with Ralph's Grocery Company.

At Ralph's, he eventually rose to be vice president of sales and advertising, becoming the youngest vice president in the 125-year history of Ralph's. He then served 12 years as executive vice president of Simon Marketing, where he was responsible for all operations as well as management of Simon's largest account, McDonald's restaurants and their Happy Meal promotions. He followed that with four years as executive vice president and general manager of Aspen Marketing. During his 35 years of food merchandising, Chessman also completed a graduate program at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

Steve Rice, president and CEO of Nationwide, stated, "Frank Chessman has shown great vision in the almost one year period that he has led Nationwide's sales and marketing operations. We fully expect that his many years of executive experience in food merchandising will be a tremendous plus for him in his new role at Nationwide. Our management team expects that he will make tremendous strides in seeing that Nationwide not only reaches, but exceeds its lofty goals."

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Nationwide Beverage Bottling, Inc., Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corp. operates a bottling facility in Corona, Calif. Currently, the plant has a capacity of approximately 1,000 bottles (up to 1/2 liter size) per minute of any still water-based, cold filled product. The company presently produces and markets its own beverage line, Agua Sabores, a beverage based upon a traditional Hispanic beverage -- a fructose-sweetened and fruit flavored water product. In addition, the company produces, markets and distributes Palomar Mountain Spring Water and the complete line of Kokomo Mountain Spring Water flavored beverages.

Source: Nationwide Beverage Bottling Corp.