AgION Technologies and Sung-Woo Interchem Corp. to Supply Antimicrobial Technology to Korean Market

July 29, 2005

AgION Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of engineered antimicrobial solutions, announced a partnership with Sung-Woo Interchem Corp., a specialty chemicals provider based in Seoul, Korea. As part of this new partnership, Sung-Woo will promote AgION’s unique antimicrobial compound to Korean-based medical, consumer and industrial manufacturers. The two companies will collaborate to offer AgION’s technology to customers as an additive to newly manufactured products or as a coating that can be applied to existing equipment.

“Sung-Woo has an excellent track record of bringing new technologies to the Korean market,” said J. Ladd Greeno, president and CEO of AgION Technologies. “AgION is already recognized as a leader in antimicrobial solutions in the US and throughout Europe. Our partnership with Sung-Woo will enable us to broaden our reach to Korean companies and manufacturers in need of antimicrobial technology.”

The AgION antimicrobial compound is the world’s most advanced inorganic antimicrobial solution. The patented AgION technology is comprised of naturally occurring silver ions and a ceramic material called a zeolite. The compound provides safe, continuous, long-lasting protection against microbes by releasing silver ions to the surface at a slow and steady rate. Whether it is incorporated as an additive or applied as a coating, the AgION compound can increase a product’s lifetime or enhance the product’s performance. Silver not only acts as an antimicrobial but also preserves products by preventing the build up of bacteria, which can damage product material over time or degrade performance.

The AgION compound is effective against many different microbes including, bacteria, mold and fungus. Because AgION’s technology combats a wide range of microbes, it is valuable to customers in a variety of markets, from industrial to consumer to healthcare.

“Our partnership with AgION will enable us to meet the antimicrobial needs of both existing and potential customers,” said J.H. Yoon, President of Sung-Woo Interchem Corporation. “We supply raw materials to a range of Korean manufacturing clients working with appliances, textiles, water coolers and medical applications. Many of these clients have expressed a need for a reliable and easy-to-integrate antimicrobial solution for their products – AgION’s technology will provide that solution.”

The AgION compound is used by more than 60 corporations worldwide, including Adidas, AK Steel, Carrier, DuPont, Enodis, Everpure, Honeywell and Vygon. AgION’s technology is used in a wide range of applications and can be found in a variety of products including, water filtration systems, appliances, sportswear, HVAC components, medical devices, textiles and insulation, food processing and packaging, and numerous other medical, consumer and industrial products.

Source: AgION Technologies; Sung-Woo Interchem Corp.