USFilter Announces Formation Of New Environmental Services Group

July 18, 2005

USFilter announces the formation of the Environmental Services Group. The new group is part of the USFilter's Services and Products division and brings together the leading brands for media and services in groundwater, air, and process water treatment. These brands include Westates Carbon, Recovery Services, USFilter Perchlorate Remediation, and Midas OCM.

Headed by Brent Hillier, vice president and general manager, this new team will be responsible for helping municipal, industrial and government customers remove organic and inorganic contaminants from groundwater and wastewater. They will also be supplying and servicing odor control systems through the company's more than 85 service branches in North America. Environmental Services can supply media, tanks, and services to remove organic contaminants such as Chlorinated Solvents, TCE, PCE, MTBE, and inorganic contaminants such as chrome, perchlorate, and arsenic.

The group will be headquartered out of the Roseville, Minn. facility. In addition to the numerous branch offices, the group has two RCRA Part B facilities and a vessel manufacturing facility in Red Bluff, Calif. These facilities allow USFilter's customers the flexibility of disposing or recycling waste medias from their remediation sites.

Source: USFilter