Charleston CPW Chooses Affholder for Cooper River Tunnel Replacement Project

July 20, 2005

Affholder, Inc., a subsidiary of Insituform Technologies, Inc., is the contractor for the third phase of a sewer tunnel replacement project in Charleston, S.C.

Affholder won the $40 million, third-phase contract from the Charleston Commissioners of Public Works (CPW) at the end of June. One of only seven companies nationally that qualified to do the required work, Affholder has already completed the first phase of the project. The company expects to complete the second phase early next year and will soon begin the third phase of CPW’s Sewer Tunnel Replacement Project.

“We are very pleased that Affholder was the successful bidder, as they have brought a high level of technical competency to the present phase of the project,” said John B. Cook, PE, CPW assistant general manager.

The CPW’s tunnel replacement effort began in 2000 after engineers discovered extensive deterioration in the sewer tunnel system, which threatened a blockage in the tunnel and potential release of raw sewage into the Charleston Harbor.

In 2002, Affholder completed the first phase of the project, the Harbor Tunnel, which runs under the Ashley River to convey wastewater to CPW’s treatment plant, located across the Charleston Harbor. The second phase, which extends along the Ashley River on the west side of the Charleston peninsula, will finalize a total of $36 million in work on the first two phases.

The third phase, dubbed the Cooper Tunnel, is the longest section of tunnel and involves replacing some 18,000 ft of tunnel along the east side of the peninsula. The Cooper Tunnel will connect to the 12,000-foot Ashley Tunnel to complete the peninsula tunnel system. Third-phase work is slated for completion by Sept. 2007, says Affholder Senior Project Manager Ross Webb.

Source: Insituform Technologies, Inc.