Ontario Municipality Deploys Water And Sewer Modeling Technology

July 1, 2005

MWH Soft, a provider of water resources applications software, has announced that the Regional Municipality of Peel, Ontario, Canada, has purchased multiple licenses of InfoWater and InfoSewer Suites software to drive its enterprise-wide geospatial hydraulic modeling effort. This purchase gives Peel, one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada, a full range of high-performance ArcGIS-centric (ESRI, Redlands, CA) water and sewer infrastructure analysis and management capabilities that will enable it to cope adeptly with fast expansion and optimize capital planning, operations, customer service, and community relations.

The Region of Peel is the first government in Canada to achieve the National Quality Institute's (NQI) prestigious Canada Awards for Excellence (CAE) - Silver Level. Its Public Works Department provides quality water and sewer services to over one million Peel residents in Mississauga, Brampton and the Town of Caledon. The Department operates and maintains 1,900 miles of water mains, 1,700 miles of sewer mains, 41 wastewater and 20 water pump stations, two water and two wastewater treatment plants within a 41,500 hectares service area.

Faced with exacting requirements for rapid growth and development, Peel is undertaking $600 million in major infrastructure expansion projects. It plans to leverage the power of InfoWater and InfoSewer software to increase water treatment capacity to 1,650 million liters per day and wastewater treatment capacity to 870 million liters per day by year 2031, while maintaining service levels and maximizing savings. When these projects are completed, the Municipality will have Canada's most modern infrastructure.

"Modeling software enables utilities to test the integrity of their designs and operational strategies prior to construction and implementation," said J. Erick Heath, PE, vice president of sales and client relations for MWH Soft. "Typical stand-alone software with middle-link interfaces or synching schemes require users to start up a separate application, painstakingly import modeling scenarios, translate modeling data for analysis, then run the analysis, devouring time and system performance. This cumbersome process becomes particularly unwieldy and error-prone when working with large data sets. The traditional division of engineering and GIS is so acute that many utilities have separate groups, requiring wasteful time spent throwing the design back and forth 'over the fence'."

As the first complete ArcGIS-centric solution package and still the most comprehensive and deeply integrated available, InfoWater and InfoSewer, have created a new paradigm in utility infrastructure management. They completely eliminate the need for inefficient and unreliable data synchronization and synching schemes or middlelink interfaces required to bridge this gap, allowing engineers and GIS professionals to save time by working together on the same platform and delivering quality products in record time.

"We were looking for a comprehensive, high-performance water and sewer modeling solution that blends powerful GIS functionalities with superior computational capabilities to guide our capital and operations projects," said Imran Motala, EIT, project manager for engineering and infrastructure planning at the Regional Municipality of Peel. "We discovered that MWH Soft has obviously been watching and listening to real-world users. InfoWater and InfoSewer Suites' seamless GIS integration, rich functionality, unique optimization capabilities, open architecture, speed, reliability, and ease of use make them ideally suited for the Region of Peel. Clearly, the best way to get the job done is with MWH Soft systems."

"The Regional Municipality of Peel is a very strong, customer-oriented, technology-driven and forward-looking company - one of Canada's economic powerhouses and best-run organizations," said Paul F. Boulos, president and COO of MWH Soft. "Peel realizes that in order to produce the best projects, it must give its engineers and GIS professionals the best tools. Our ArcGIS-centric modeling applications will help Peel solidify its reputation by providing outstanding service and well-managed programs that stand up to rigorous schedules and exacting quality standards. We look forward to being a partner in Peel's skillful use of advanced ArcGIS-centric modeling technology."

Source: MWH Soft