Chemilizer Offers Two-year Warranty on Filterless Injector

July 1, 2005

Chemilizer Products, Inc. has announced an unprecedented unconditional two year warranty on its CP33 and HN55 injector units. The normal industry warranty period is for one year and limited to fixing manufacturing defects. Additionally, most piston-type injectors require use of a filter. Chemilizer products use a diaphragm rather than a piston and do not require a filter.

According to company R&D sources, the Chemilizer warranty is based upon analysis of data from over 40,000 units in the field which indicate two critical design factors that ensure reliability and extended peak performance. These factors are a diaphragm design which replaces traditional piston design and an external mixing of chemicals.

In geographical areas with sandy or murky soil, debris is a natural enemy of piston design injectors. It acts as an abrasive that will permanently scar piston walls and eventually render the unit useless. Chemilizer units are designed with an advanced, composite diaphragm that eliminates need for a piston and, in most cases, an expensive filter.

Chemilizer units are designed to route chemicals outside of the water motor. This eliminates the harsh effect that chemicals have on seals, moving motor parts, and O-rings of competitive units in which the motor doubles as a mixing chamber. In animal health where water soluble vitamin supplements and thick, sticky pharmaceuticals have widespread usage, Chemilizer units resist clogging because of the external mixing method.

Finally, field reports indicate that, on average, most competitive units must be totally rebuilt after one to three years. Chemilizer units, by contrast, average four years before needing to be rebuilt or replaced. Should a Chemilizer injector require rebuilding, it is achieved at a cost equivalent to competitive units.

Source: Chemilizer Products, Inc.