USFilter to Increase Rates for Mobile Water Treatment Contracts

July 1, 2005

USFilter Corporation announces that it will increase its rates by three percent beginning July 1, 2005 for mobile demineralization, clarification, filtration and reverse osmosis systems. This increase reflects the rising costs of labor, chemicals, transportation and environmental requirements. All mobile water treatment contracts that were in place before this date will be honored at the current price structure through the expiration date.

"USFilter has been providing mobile treatment for over 30 years to a broad range of customers, and this is the first increase in over five years," said Pete Sesing, USFilter's vice president for mobile and onsite services. "Improved operations and productivity have allowed us to maintain pricing over this time period, despite inflationary pressure. This adjustment is timely and measured, and it maintains our competitive position in the marketplace."

An uninterrupted supply of high quality water safeguards the availability, capability and efficiency of the industrial and utility customers that depend upon USFilter's service during temporary and emergency outages. The cost of temporary water is small considering the process and production value delivered to the customer.

With this pricing policy, USFilter can provide its customers with exactly what they need with respect to quantity, quality and cost of produced water, without add-ons or extra charges.

Source: USFilter Corporation