U.S. Patent Application Allowed for Aqua Dyne Water Purification Technology

June 14, 2005

Water reuse specialists Aqua Dyne, Inc. has been advised that its U.S. patent application has been allowed which offers protection for its "JetWater" water purification technology, which can be used to recover high purity distilled water from a range of "wastewater" sources.

Aqua Dyne's JetWater technology is based on an efficient, evaporation based process, which recycles up to 97% of feed water and meets emerging international and national standards on environmental emissions.

Aqua Dyne's JetWater System is designed to be used in a variety of industries including mining, mineral processing, power generation, food manufacturing and municipal landfill leachate, or it can be used to produce drinking water from ocean water.

Mr. Greg Paxton, Aqua Dyne CEO, said that the allowance of the U.S. patent adds considerable benefit and value to the company.

"Aqua Dyne's JetWater System is based on evaporation, which is nature's way of cleaning water. The system is modular and can purify from half a million liters to more than 10 million liters per day of ultra pure distilled water," Mr. Paxton said.

When it is operated with waste heat energy sources, the co-generation can increase the combined cycle efficiency, generating environmental credits.

Source: Aqua Dyne, Inc.