Engelhard Technology Granted New EPA Registrations

June 17, 2005

Engelhard’s unique chlorine dioxide release technology has recently been granted two new registrations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one for outdoor spa sanitization and another for use in treating potable drinking water in water coolers, on golf courses and amusement parks.

With these new registrations, Engelhard Aseptrolâ chlorine dioxide release agent can now be used to remove and prevent mold and slime growth from outdoor pool and spa circulation systems. It can also be used to improve the taste, control odor and prevent slime growth and microbial contamination in potable drinking water stored in water coolers.

To date, Engelhard Aseptrol has secured 10 registrations from the EPA. Examples of EPA registrations awarded for Engelhard Aseptrol include: - Contamination removal in dental unit water lines;

- Mold control in swimming pool and other home applications;

- Sanitization of hard, nonporous surfaces and utensils that contact food in processing plants, breweries, bottling plants, restaurants and other food-handling establishments;

- Use against tuberculosis, HIV and many other pathogens in hospitals, medical offices and health-related facilities;

- Emergency drinking water purification applications; and

- Use against animal viruses in veterinary, lab animal science and biomedical research facilities.

“Aseptrol is a great example of Engelhard’s ingenuity in surface and materials science and in the fight against bacteria, viruses, parasites and cysts,” said Michael Cochran, Engelhard’s global sales and marketing manager for Aseptrol.

“Its distinctive and versatile approach to chlorine dioxide delivery offers an unlimited range of high-value applications that Engelhard continues to broaden.”

Chlorine dioxide has been used as a well-known sanitizer in a variety of industrial cleaning applications for many years. However, this powerful biocide could not be generated without incurring significant capital and operating costs, which made it impractical for small-scale applications.

Engelhard developed Aseptrol which releases chlorine dioxide at precise rates and in controlled concentrations when it comes into contact with water or moisture in the air.

Enabling cost effective and portable chlorine dioxide delivery, Engelhard Aseptrol is available in tablets, powders and sachets. Most notably, Engelhard Aseptrol is the same technology featured in hydration systems used by the U.S. military in Iraq as well as to purify drinking water for the Boy Scouts of America and the victims of the tsunami disaster in Asia.

Source: Engelhard Corporation