American Water Helping Municipalities Address Water and Sewer Line Emergencies

June 9, 2005
Many municipalities and homeowners unaware of maintenance responsibilities

Municipal governments and homeowners may be unaware and unprepared for water and sewer line emergencies, according to Amy Marks of American Water's Homeowner Service Group. Marks will address the Urban Water Council in a closed session at the 73rd annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, taking place in Chicago from June 11-14. During the session, Marks will outline LineSaver, an American Water service program that municipalities can offer to homeowners in their community.

In most areas across the country, homeowners are personally responsible for the costs of repairing and maintaining water and sewer lines running from the street to their homes.

The LineSaver program allows for residents to be covered against water and sewer line damage that is not typically the responsibility of the municipality nor covered by homeowner's insurance. This program is voluntary and funded as part of the homeowners' water bill. Municipalities also earn a share of LineSaver revenues, with no additional investment or labor requirements.

"A water line break at 2 a.m. is no time for a homeowner to find out they are responsible for paying for the repair. And no city administrator wants to be forced to tell them," Marks said. "LineSaver gives homeowners and municipal administrators peace of mind when they need it the most. Plus, LineSaver keeps community dollars in the community by establishing a local contractor and supplier network."

Source: American Water

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