USFilter Unveils New Packaged Drinking Water Treatment System

May 26, 2005

USFilter announces its next generation packaged treatment unit--the Trident HS system. A multi-barrier approach, the process combines two-stage clarification, filtration and UV disinfection into a single packaged system.

At the heart of the Trident HS design is the Microfloc Trident packaged treatment technology consisting of adsorption clarification and mixed media filtration. An integrated, specialized tube clarifier for removal of gross solids and downstream UV disinfection system for final effluent treatment surround the process, completing the Trident HS design. Collectively the unit offers at least 4-log reduction credit for Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

"Current and upcoming regulations are requiring plant operators to do better," said USFilter Vice President Les Uhlmeyer. "We have demonstrated 60-70% removal of total organic carbon (TOC), which allows all plants to comply with the Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule. The multi-barrier approach with two-stage clarification, filtration and UV disinfection will ensure compliance for plants as future rules come into effect."

An added benefit of the system is a more than one-half reduction of waste volume. Side-by-side testing has confirmed the reduction, which translates to plant operating cost savings. Improved operating performance and reduced waste may also be realized by existing packaged clarifier-filter systems with a retrofit system offered by USFilter.

While the unit is ideally suited for variable quality or high solids applications, high quality water supplies also benefit from the design. A high steady state solids concentration in the tube clarifier section absorbs fluctuations in water quality and increases floc formation efficiency. Treatment plants dosing enhanced coagulation rates or powder activated carbon will obtain improved downstream operating efficiency as the majority of solids are captured in the tube clarifier section.

Pre-engineered designs for treatment rates of 350 to 1,400 gpm per unit are available, with multiple units provided for higher flow rates. The modular design allows for incremental expansion of treatment systems.

A model of the new Trident HS system will be on display in USFilter's booth (#1523) at the American Water Works Association's Annual Conference and Exposition in San Francisco, Calif., June 12-15.

Source: USFilter

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