States to Share Added Water Quality Monitoring Funds

May 20, 2005

All 50 states will get additional water quality monitoring funds as a result of an EPA decision to target a $9.92 million increase in fiscal year 2005 water pollution control grants.

Each year, the EPA awards funds to assist states (including territories and the District of Columbia), Indian Tribes and interstate agencies in establishing and implementing water pollution control programs. The funds are awarded under Section 106 of the Clean Water Act.

EPA will provide a total of $208.3 million for the grant program in FY 2005. While the majority of these funds will be awarded according to established funding formulas, EPA used a different approach to target the state portion of the funding increase -- $9.1 million -- specifically for water monitoring activities.

These activities provide the data necessary to support cost-effective water quality management decisions and to generate a national assessment of water quality conditions. Funding increases for interstate agencies and tribes will be distributed in accordance with existing allotment formulas.

The alternative allocation formula responds to priorities identified by the president in his FY 2005 budget request and by Congress in awarding the additional funds in the appropriations process.

By using the alternative state allocation formula, EPA will award each state an additional $172,000 in funding, while each territory and the District of Columbia will receive $86,000.

EPA Regions will distribute grant funds after reaching agreement with individual states on program priorities and commitments.

Source: EPA

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