Need to Learn More About Water Treatment, NSF Certification and Activated Carbon?

March 25, 2005

A 2-day course on the technical and certification issues for activated carbon-containing treatment units, taught jointly by PACS, Inc. and NSF International is scheduled for May 3 -4, 2005 at NSF International in Ann Arbor, Mich.

This course benefits regulatory compliance personnel, product development engineers and laboratory testing specialists in the residential drinking water treatment industry; as well as technical managers, product development specialists, regulatory compliance personnel and marketing/sales staff in the activated carbon industry.

The course is taught by Dr. Henry Nowicki of PACS, Inc., who has more than 30 years of experience in activated carbon research and practical field experience in a wide variety of applications.

Topics will include:

+What activated carbon is, and where it comes from;

+How activated carbon works;

+ Monitoring activated carbon systems;

+Changes in the marketplace;

+Largest reasons why AC systems fail; and

+Basic engineering.

The cost is $995/person and includes training, materials, and lunch. Those interested can register by visiting

Source: NSF