Ultra Pure to Install 'Ice Island' System at British Petrolium Convenience Store Chain

Jan. 6, 2005

Ultra Pure Water Technologies, Inc. (Ultra Pure) announced today that ICEX Holdings Ltd., Inc. (ICEX), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ultra Pure, has signed a definitive contract under which ICEX will supply the "Ice Island" proprietary ice production unit to BP West Coast Products LLC (BPWCP) convenience stores operating under the BP, Arco and AM/PM logos. BP West Coast Products LLC is an operating division of British Petroleum.

Under the terms of the BPWCP contract, ICEX will initially supply thirty (30) of the "Ice Island" units to BPWCP operated stores in the California and Arizona markets. The contract terms state that BPWCP will lease the Ice Island units under a monthly payment schedule. In addition, BPWCP will pay a fee for each bag of ice sold from the units. The initial term of the contract is for a period of five years.

Daniel LeBlanc, president of ICEX stated, "We are extremely pleased that a major convenience store operator such as British Petroleum has recognized the advantages of the "Ice Island" production system. The system will allow BP to exercise better control of their bagged ice inventory, eliminate the need for ice deliveries, and allow for sales fulfillment during peak ice demand periods."

"We are very excited about our new relationship with the British Petroleum convenience store chain. We anticipate building a long and lasting relationship with BP that will allow for the installation of "Ice Island" production units wherever the needs are justified to increase the profitability of ice sales at BP operated convenience stores," stated Mr. LeBlanc.

Source: Ultra Pure Water Technologies, Inc.