All-American Bottled Water Project

Sept. 20, 2004

All-American Bottled Water Corporation plans to begin bottling water in the first quarter of 2005 having bought Miller Brewing's Tumwater, Wash., plant in April, Plastics in Packaging reported.

After buying the plant for $14 million, the company is investing $45 million into converting the bottling and packaging plant from bottles and cans for beer to plastics containers for water.

All-American Bottled Water Corporation spokesman said the plant was doomed to failure in the past after Pabst Brewing Company did not invest enough funds into it. When Miller came on board in 1999, the company spend $10 million on plant improvements but it was not enough.

According to the Plastics in Packaging report, the company will need 3.2 million gallons of water a day to meet its business plan.

Bottled water is the second most popular commercial beverage in the U.S., after soda drinks. In 2002, almost 6 billion gallons of bottled water were consumed.

Source: Plastics in Packaging