Sounding the Alarm for Clean Tap Water

Aug. 31, 2004
eWaterTek Inc. develops breakthrough water testing technology

TORONTO, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ - Uncertainty about water quality is running high these days there's a fear of what can potentially happen between our purifying plants and taps. But now, with the help of key industry supporters, a new technology from eWaterTek Inc. is set to change all that.

Currently in Canada, only at the water treatment plant is there guarantee of the condition of your water. After that, spot checks are occasionally conducted at intervals along the path to where it's consumed, but they are costly and not 100 % effective. Through lasers that identify irregular-shaped particles in the drinking water, the design by eWaterTek eliminates the unknown by sounding an alarm before it reaches our taps and after its journey through the kilometers of municipal pipes. With this innovative domestic water warning system, the company is now ready to revolutionize the water industry.

Interest in their technology was high as Canadian municipalities all over the country, and especially in Ontario, are having trouble complying with new water regulations that require purchasing large, costly water monitors.

Now eWaterTek is set to install its first system into a Vaughan Housing CO-OP. In the future, they're looking to partner with the premier laser company in Silicon Valley, California to complete their first UV prototype.

And at the 2008 Beijing Olympics there's already talk of a need for new water quality technology for their model sustainable communities.

With growing support at home and abroad, eWaterTek is positioned to ensure the water we're drinking is safe before it reaches our glasses, providing a technology that can finally put worries to rest about the quality of our most essential resource.

Source: eWaterTek Inc.