Comprehensive Economic Reports Serve Pump Industry

April 12, 2004

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has partnered with the Institute for Trend Research (ITR) to develop an extensive set of economic report services that provide trend data and insights specifically focused on the markets served by the pump industry. Package options and prices for HI members and non-members alike are detailed in the "members" section of the HI web site at

"With the information gleaned from these reports, companies will be better able to set effective budgets and sales forecasts, make informed capitalization decisions and identify growth markets," noted Robert Asdal, executive director of HI. "Plus, the trends and financial indicators contained in these reports can help inform management when the 'time is right' to take advantage of currency exchanges and other economic conditions. At the same time, the reports are highly valuable in avoiding unprofitable business transactions."

Several options of report services are available. One option provides quarterly economic reports by market and region, which examine the macroeconomics of the pump industry and provide market forecasts accordingly. Through these reports, subscribers are apprised of upcoming changes in the global economy and in specific domestic markets. In addition to providing a forecast of U.S. Industrial Production, the reports provide analysis and forecast for Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the U.K., Japan and China. The reports include the following major markets:

* water supply

* sewage treatment

* petroleum and gas extraction production index - NAICS 211

* petroleum refining NAICS 32411

* agriculture

* building industry: private non-residential construction

* electric power: utilities production - NAICS 2211,2Page 2/HI Offers Comprehensive Economic Reports

* chemical production, inorganic - NAICS 32512-8

* chemical production, organic - NAICS 32511,9

* paper production - NAICS 322

* metal mining production index - NAICS 2122

Another option allows users to received monthly forecast updates via web-based access to EcoTrends* (published by ITR), for the purposes of in-house planning and forecasting. Also included are an executive and technical summary, industrial production and interest rate forecasts, and analysis of more than 40 economic indicators essential to companies who need to understand their economic environment and planning for the future.

A third option offers a company specific analysis, in which ITR confidentially compares individual company data to leading and industry trends and to specific markets. It also provides tools, which may be used in conjunction with the monthly EcoTrends* data for ongoing forecasting.

Source: Hydraulic Institute