Aurora Tries to Find Cause of E.coli Contamination

March 1, 2004

The search for what contaminanted the City of Aurora, Ill.'s drinking water system begins with a state-ordered review. Due to the contaminantion, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) issued a boil water order that lasted nine days. No illnesses were reported.

Tests showed E. coli in the water. Kane County officials reported that the emergency response program was put into action as soon as the problem was discovered, reported an article in the Daily Herald. The county's repsonse included notifying residents of water problems and the county reached more than 340 restaurants, medical facilities and other agencies or businesses it licenses.

Currently, it is suspected that high levels of ammonia in the Fox River, which supplies water to the city, are the cause.

The IEPA issued a violation notice to the city, which requires investigation, planning and changes implemented to prevent further occurences.

Source: Daily Herald

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