Met-Pro Corporation Announces Settlement of Patent Litigation

Feb. 24, 2004

Met-Pro Corporation has reached an agreement, subject to court approval, to settle certain patent litigation brought by United States Filter Corporation (USFilter) that involved a small number of odor control installations sold by Met-Pro's Duall Division. Met-Pro had denied it infringed USFilter's patent, and had further asserted that USFilter's patents were invalid. During the litigation, USFilter dropped all infringement allegations against one of the two patents included in the lawsuit and major portions of its claims under the second patent.

The settlement ratifies USFilter's acknowledgment that Duall is unrestricted from carrying on its current activities in the odor control industry and therefore may continue to make, use and sell its current line of odor control products and technology. To terminate the lawsuit, Met-Pro agreed to pay USFilter a nominal sum.

"We are pleased to have resolved this dispute and move on," said Raymond J. De Hont, chairman and chief executive officer of Met-Pro Corporation. "In assessing the settlement we weighed the legal expense and distraction of continuing to litigate against the expense of resolving the matter. The dispute had been reduced to a small number of projects involving technology that Duall no longer sells, and it made good business sense to resolve this dispute on the terms that were reached. This settlement will have no material adverse financial impact on the company."

Source: Met-Pro Corporation