Pall Launches New Filter to Improve Cleanliness, Reliability and Longevity of Hydraulic Systems

Feb. 19, 2004

Contamination of hydraulic system fluids is one of the most important factors in reducing reliability and longevity of industrial and mobile equipment. It often results in unplanned for and costly downtime as manufacturing processes have to be stopped to repair or replace system components. To address this problem, Pall Corp. is introducing its new Ultipleat SRT (Stress Resistant Technology) filters that combine a compact, innovative element design with new high-performance filtration media that improves fluid cleanliness to increase the reliability and longevity of hydraulic systems. Ultipleat SRT filters are the only hydraulic filters that incorporate a revolutionary curved pleat technology with stress-resistant and anti-static media for consistent cleanliness control.

Up to 80 percent of all hydraulic system failures are directly related to dirt and water contamination of fluids. This can cause wear and corrosion of components leading to breakdown of pumps and valves. Unscheduled downtime can be catastrophic for many industries due to lost productivity and revenue. Hydraulic fluid systems are an integral component of equipment used to manufacture a broad array of industrial products such as steel, plastics, paper and automobiles as well as to operate mobile equipment used for earthmoving, agriculture, materials handling and mining.

"Ultipleat SRT filters increase the reliability of mobile and industrial equipment by reducing costly downtime because hydraulic system components last longer and fewer repairs are needed," says Reed Sarver, Senior Vice President, Pall Corporation. "They provide hydraulic equipment manufacturers and operators consistent contamination control in a more cost-effective filtration system."

The enhanced performance of Ultipleat SRT filters provide a more comprehensive level of protection that extends the reliability and life of the equipment as well as the life of the filter. Traditional "fan" pleated filters typically have a non-uniform flow distribution that can result in uneven dirt capture and pleat collapse in the element which can shorten the useful life of the filter. The Ultipleat SRT filter's curved pleats are designed to be in direct support of each other. This creates an even flow path for uniform collection of contaminants including metal, dust particles and debris caused by the wear of components. The ved pleats also enable maximum use of the entire filter medium by leaving no unused space, which extends filter service life. The new stress-resistant media mitigate filter problems created by normal operating system stresses, such as variable flow and pressure, which can result in the release of particulate contaminants into the hydraulic fluid. The media's proprietary anti-static construction also reduces electrostatic charges that can be generated by the flow of hydraulic fluids thus preventing damage to the filter and improving operation safety. This unique combination of design and filtration media significantly improves the cleanliness of fluids in order to protect hydraulic system equipment and components.

Source: Pall Corp.