KX Industries Releases Breakthrough Microbiological Technology

Nov. 18, 2003
Product offers microbiological water filter to consumers

KX Industries, L.P., announced a breakthrough technology to produce consumer water filters, available in 2004, with superior microbiological reduction claims. These capabilities have been certified by the State of California Department of Health Services.

The new products were certified to meet the following standards: bacterial reduction of 99.9999 percent, viral reduction of 99.99 percent, and oocyst (protozoan) reduction of 99.95 percent.

"This new technology fundamentally changes the point of use (POU) drinking water filtration market as we know it today," stated Evan E. Koslow, Ph.D., CEO of KX Industries. "This is the first mass-market consumer water filter to offer California-certified microbiological reduction claims."

The new filters are for use in appliance, food service and retail applications. A second series of devices capable of operating within gravity-flow applications such as popular pitcher filters are expected to be submitted for approval and sale in 2004.

Based on the certification process and protocol accepted by the California Department of Health Services, KX Industries is working with other states to obtain necessary certifications.

Source: KX Industries