NSF Now Certifies Products to Uniform Plumbing Code

July 17, 2003

NSF International, the public health and safety company, expanded the scope of its Plumbing Certification Program to include products that meet Uniform Plumbing Code requirements.

The scope was expanded in response to industry requests for a single comprehensive certification and listing service. The program now uses a "NSF-U.P. Code" mark to verify compliance with the Uniform Plumbing Code.

"NSF is pleased to announce the expansion of it Plumbing Certification Program, which now include conformance to North American standards and to the Uniform Plumbing Code to satisfy all of our customers? needs," said Mark Jost, senior vice president, water systems. "NSF is the only organization offering such comprehensive services."

Regulatory officials and plumbing inspectors can now easily recognize and approve plumbing products by observing the following marks:

Acceptance in the Canadian market: cNSF;

Compliance with the Uniform Plumbing Code: NSF-U.P. Code; and

Compliance with the International Plumbing Code: NSF-end user.

Source: NSF