Water and Sewerage Customers Confused by Marketing Program

July 23, 2003

The direct mail marketers from Environmental Water Works in Dacula, Ga., among others are reaching out to Henry County (Georgia) residents with a pitch that residents should have their water tested immediately to assure it is safe to drink.

Some local residents are confusing the solicitation with the annual Water Quality Report. The increased number of calls to the customer service department at the Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority (HCWSA) attests to the unsubstantiated concern and confusion among citizens over water quality.

HCWSA officials said the report shows that all elements are within regulatory standards and no water treatment violations or concerns are cited.

Obviously, residents are welcome to obtain additional water tests from such sources as the Environmental Water Works, United Water and others who offer them. However, customers nationwide will continue to receive their Water Quality Reports annually to see if their public system is in compliance.

Since 1996, federal regulations passed down to the state and local levels require that water utilities produce and distribute a Water Quality Report annually, no later than July, to share the test results of substances detected in the drinking water during the previous year's operation.

The report also includes insight on the quality of the area's source water, the raw water resources utilized by HCWSA to produce local drinking water and the future plans of the local authority to protect he environment including watersheds and natural resources.

Source: HCWSA

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