WTW Meter and ISE Verified by USEPA

July 14, 2003

WTW Measurement Systems Inc. recently recevied a verification report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency on its portable system for analyzing levels of cyanide contamination in drinking and surface waters.

WTW submitted two pH/Ion 340I field meters and cyanide ion-selective electrodes to the Advanced Monitoring Systems Center—operated jointly by the USEPA and Battelle—for verification under the Environmental Technology Verification program.

The meters and ISEs were verified by analyzing surface water and drinking water samples containing lethal and near-lethal concentrations of cyanide. Results were compared to a reference method to access accuracy and linearity. Several samples from various sites, as well as corresponding quality control samples were analyzed. Performance was verified on several fronts, including: calibration, accuracy, precision, linearity, method detection limit, inter-unit reproducibility, lethal/near-lethal dose response, field portability, ease of use, and sample throughput.

Source: WTW