Schaeffer Appointed to Missouri Drinking Water Commission

July 21, 2003

Orville L. Schaeffer, CWS-VI, CCO, was appointed to the Missouri State Safe Drinking Water Commission where he will aid the organization in the continued development of rules required to meet the state DPA's standards.

According to Schaefer, he will be involved in writing draft rulings, holding hearings for comments and then writing final regulations.1

Schaefer has been an industry leader by serving on various Water Quality Association committees and task forces such as the Education Services task force, CWS Exam Revision Task Force and Dues Task Force, and he has chaired the WQA Society Steering Task Force and the Purification/Disinfection Task Force

Schaefer was involved in shaping the certified water specialist (CWS) certification program and the certified installer (CI) exams. He also developed the nontransient noncommunity public water system (NTNCWS) operator certification-training program and wrote the book, Reference Manual and Training Course for Operators of Small Public Water Systems–Nontransient Noncommunity."

This appointment is a good example of the dual leadership role WQA members can play–both within the organization and at state regulatory levels, reported the WQA.

1 Water Quality Association;

Source: Water Quality Association

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