Analyst Firm Honors Amdocs ClarifyCRM Customer Yorkshire Water With CRM Excellence Award

July 1, 2003
Amdocs ClarifyCRM Delivers Business Value and ROI by Helping Enable Yorkshire Water to Increase Customer Service and Satisfaction

Amdocs, the world's leading provider of CRM and billing, announced that Yorkshire Water was selected as the winner of the Gartner European Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Excellence Award.

Gartner's CRM Excellence Awards recognize outstanding CRM initiatives using as criteria the Eight Building Blocks of CRM: CRM vision, CRM strategy, valued customer experience, organizational collaboration, customer-centric processes, CRM information, CRM technology and CRM metrics. The awards were announced at the Gartner CRM Summit in Paris June 12-13, 2003.

"Our CRM initiative has exceeded all expectations. It has made a significant impact on overall productivity by increasing the flow of information between customer-facing employees and the operations workforce," stated Alan Harrison of Yorkshire Water. "Particularly in the contact center, Amdocs ClarifyCRM has allowed us to create a virtuous circle in which agents can capture critical information on customers enabling them to provide more value with each interaction."

Yorkshire Water utilizes Amdocs ClarifyCRM to achieve a higher level of customer service, reliable services, and regulatory compliance. These factors are crucial to increasing customer satisfaction and improving business processes at Yorkshire Water. Since using Amdocs ClarifyCRM, Yorkshire Water has achieved new levels of operational efficiency, particularly in the contact center, demonstrating an impressive return-on-investment (ROI) from its CRM initiative.

"A key aspect to a successful CRM implementation is about doing what you committed to do, providing real value and committing to customer service," said Peter Hurst, Vice President Clarify Marketing, Amdocs. "We work with each customer from inception to completion to ensure their needs are met which has an immediate impact on ROI."

Source: Amdocs