Electric & Gas Technology, Inc., Threatens Legal Action Against Companies Infringing on Patents

July 2, 2003

Electric & Gas Technology, Inc. (ELGT) has threatened to pursue legal action against companies that have allegedly infringed on subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technology's Watermaker patents.

"We will be using the strength of the company and all of our resources to defend our patents," says S. Mort Zimmerman, Board Chairman of ELTG. He continues, "Our patents on the Watermaker technology are solid and companies are trying to take advantage of our technology. Legal action will be taken with multiple companies and each one will be held liable for promoting technology that they do not own."

According to Dan Zimmerman, president of ELGT, "This latest patent infringement will have a domino effect in the industry." Zimmerman says, "There are distributors, government officials, and major corporations that have been misled by these companies promoting a technology they do not own. When the legal battles are over customers that have purchased systems are going to be left exposed for working with companies who have infringed on products that will not be supported or sold again." Zimmerman continues, "These companies' customers have made huge investments and will be hurt because they purchased a technology from a company who infringed on ELGT's patents. We are willing to fight this patent infringement to the very end."

The Watermaker is a technology that captures the humidity from the atmosphere to produce purified drinking water. This system can provide from five gallons per day to more than 1,000,000 gallons per day.

Source: Electric & Gas Technology, Inc.

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