Charley Poellet, Vice President of WQA, Has Died

May 20, 2003

Charles D. (Charley) Poellet, K&M Plastics, Inc./K&M Composites, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill., died suddenly of natural causes on Wednesday, May 14, 2003.

He was serving as vice president of the Water Quality Association for 2003—2004 and had been active for many years, serving on the board of directors from 1997—2003. In past years, he served as chair of the convention, public relations and world assembly executive committees. He received the WQA Award of Merit in 1999. His wife Patricia A. Lowney Poellet also is a long-time and well-known member of WQA.

"Charley has been extremely active in WQA for decades and was a man who epitomized dedicated service," recalled WQA Executive Director Peter J. Censky. "He was especially sensitive to the needs of smaller manufacturers--a key component of WQA membership. His experience and sage advice will be sorely missed by all who knew and worked with him."

WQA Director of Meetings & Conventions Jeannine Collins remembers another side of Charley. "Whenever I'd think of the word gentleman, Charley would come to mind." She said. "He was a calming influence--the strong, quiet voice at the table who'd say, 'we can work this out.'"

Charley is survived by Pat--his wife of 26 years--his daughter Laura Elaine Poellet of Seattle; sons Jeff Kuchman of Lake Forest, Ill., and James Charles Kuchman of Birmingham, Mich.; and four grandchildren.

Source: Water Quality Association