WQA Seeks Help With AB 334

May 5, 2003
Bill would allow local jurisdictions to ban water softeners

AB 334 seeks to allow local jurisdictions to ban water softeners, the Water Quality Association (WQA) reported. The WQA is seeking help in fighting this bill, which could be heard as early as today, May 5, on the Assembly floor.

AB 334 would overturn legislation that the home water treatment industry, major water districts and water recyclers agreed to in 1999. SB 1006 was passed by a bi-partisan coalition of legislators to resolve issues that had been a source of litigation in 1991 and to tighten up provisions of the Health & Safety Code regarding self-regenerating water softeners. In passing SB 1006, the Legislature clearly intended to offer protection to consumers against arbitrary, "copy-cat" bans while not interfering with the State's reclamation plans. SB 1006 allows local jurisdictions to restrict water softeners as long as they meet the criteria set forth in SB 1006. AB 334 would overturn every one of SB 1006's protections while not adding significantly to a district's ability to solve waste water salinity problems.

The passing of AB 334 can hurt your business and leave consumers with either no option to treat their water or wipe out the most affordable option available to those consumers. It also would allow local cities or utilities to confiscate a common household appliance and render a significant investment virtually worthless.

The WQA offers these steps to help stop this bill.

? Write an opposition letter to your Assemblymember immediately expressing your strong opposition. Fax your letter to your Assemblymember's district and capitol office immediately. Instructions and contact information are included in this packet.

? Call your Assemblymember's capitol office to express your opposition.

WQA has put together an information packet which includes

  • Copy of AB 334 (Goldberg)
  • Talking points for your opposition to AB 334
  • Instructions for writing your opposition letter to your Assemblymember
  • Contact information for your Assemblymember
  • County election office phone numbers for identifying your Assemblymember.

Your immediate grassroots support is critical to the survival of your business.

The WQA had purchased a 50-state legislative alert tracking system software earlier this year. These two systems make it possible for the WQA to head off such changes that could be harmful to the POU/POE industry. To find legislative activity by state, visit www.wqa.org.

Source: Water Quality Association