Maxam Joint Ventures Water Desalinization Process

April 9, 2003

Sunspring, Inc.'s exclusive patent rights to Solawatt and H2O NOW have been granted to Sunspring-Maxam Solar, LLC, to develop interest and capital for a desalinization plant in Yuma County, Ariz., according to Maxam Gold Corporation President/CEO Dale L. Runyon and Sunspring, Inc., CEO Melvin Prueitt, Ph.D.

This agreement expands business interests for Maxam, adding to the joint venture between Maxam and Renewable Energy Corporation announced February 6, 2003. Success of the Sunspring-Maxam Solar, LLC, the Reco-Maxam Solar Energy, LLC, and the Fly Ash processing projects announced January 9, 2003, exhibits Maxam's continued progress toward diversifying Maxam's expertise from precious metals mining and exploration into possibly more profitable businesses.

Source: Maxam Gold Corp.