Hydrolab Joins Hach Family of Companies

Feb. 11, 2003
Water quality monitoring company Hydrolab Corporation has joined the Hach family of companies.

"For nearly 35 years, Hydrolab has provided reliable and innovative monitoring instruments backed by outstanding technical and customer support," said Glenn Cruger, Hydrolab General Manager. "We continue to offer the same excellent products and support, now backed by the strength and resources of a worldwide leader in water quality monitoring."

In 1968, Hydrolab introduced the world’s first multiparameter probe for use in the field. Hydrolab’s reliable, durable and compact sensors are used to monitor water quality in marine environments around the world. In addition to probes, Hydrolab manufactures versatile, portable and lightweight data displays for use in the field.

"Water is a precious and necessary resource," said Cruger. "We believe that accurate monitoring of water quality is a crucial first step to preserving our world’s water supply."

Hydrolab’s broad customer base includes universities, environmental groups and governmental agencies devoted to protecting water quality.

"The water industry identifies Hydrolab with innovative field water quality monitoring instruments," said Hach President Tom Joyce. "Combining experience in advanced technologies and knowledge of real-world monitoring requirements, Hydrolab has continuously maintained its commitment to help customers handle demanding monitoring conditions effectively and cost-efficiently."

"The addition of Hydrolab strengthens our ability to provide more effective solutions for water monitoring," he said. "Our integrated technical and manufacturing experience assures our customers of world-class products and support."

Founded and long headquartered in Austin, Texas, Hydrolab has relocated to Hach Company offices in Loveland, Colorado.

Source: Hydrolab