Sewer Plant Tour Part of Valentine's Prize

Feb. 10, 2003
A water company is holding a Valentines Day competition for "dirty lovers" with the prize of a date at a sewage works.

Rather than whisk away the winners to Rome or Paris, Yorkshire Water is offering a lucky couple the chance to sip champagne at a treatment plant near Bradford. The company has come up with the unusual idea in a bid to promote the serious business of treating wastewater.

It will announce the lucky couple as "Yorkshire's Dirtiest Lovers" on Valentines Day. They will be taken off in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes for a romantic champagne reception at Esholt wastewater treatment works near Bradford - one of the largest plants in Europe.

As the couple sip their bubbly, sewage from about 310,000 people in the Bradford area will be rushing past.

Director Graham Dixon, who oversees the treatment of one billion liters of wastewater every day, said, "While many people dream of a romantic weekend overlooking the Seine in Paris, our Valentine couple will be having a romantic drink next to a river of sewage stemming from the people and businesses of Bradford." Following their champagne reception the winners will be given the red carpet treatment at a five star Leeds hotel.

During the weekend they will stay in a luxury suite, whose previous occupants have included the Spice Girls, Tina Turner and members of the England football team. On Saturday morning the lovers will be chauffeured in a top-of-the-range Rolls-Royce back to Esholt for a VIP tour of the 283-hectare site.

After lunch they will be encouraged to enjoy some hands-on experience as they get to know all about the world of sewage treatment.

The couple will also be given GBP500 to spend with the advice of personal shoppers at the Harvey Nichols store in Leeds on Sunday.

Source: Yorkshire Post