EPA Holds Meeting to Discuss Water Infrastructure Today

Jan. 31, 2003

A meeting today in Washington, D.C., convened by EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, where a group of business, government and other experts will exchange information and views on sustainable management and financing of the nation's water infrastructure. The event is unprecedented because of the unusually diverse background, expertise, and views of the experts expected to participate.

The integrity of the nation's water infrastructure is critical to public health, environmental quality and economic vitality across the country. This forum will focus on the challenges faced by water suppliers in a time of many competing demands on public resources and growing needs for infrastructure replacement, improvement, expansion and security.

The experts will consider innovative methods to ensure maximum efficiency in water resources and water infrastructure management. According to the latest EPA Clean Water and Drinking Water Infrastructure Gap Analysis, $88 billion is needed to rehabilitate water transmission and distribution pipe lines over the next 20 years.

Source: Underground Solutions, Inc

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