Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program to Benefit Windsor

Jan. 13, 2003
The residents of Windsor will soon see improvements to Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant through an investment announced under the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program.

This investment will make an important contribution to a clean and healthy environment in the communities of Windsor and LaSalle. Susan Whelan, Minister for International Cooperation, MP for Essex, Tina Molinari, Associate Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, responsible for Urban Affairs, and Michael Hurst, Mayor of the City of Windsor, announced the investment.

The City of Windsor will upgrade the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant to improve water quality that flows from the plant to the Detroit River. The project includes adding a full biological secondary treatment facility, that will enhance the plant's treatment capacity, and expanding the service area to support continued growth to the City of Windsor and the Town of LaSalle. This project will benefit citizens in some 66,600 households. As well, other improvements will add close to 60 million liters a day in extra capacity required for future development and resolve environmental problems associated with an overloaded sewer system. Work on this project, which supports the Canada-Ontario Agreement on improving Great Lakes water quality, is expected to begin sometime next year.

The Government of Canada through Industry Canada will contribute up to $9,000,000 and the Government of Ontario through SuperBuild will contribute up to $19,000,000 to the project. The City of Windsor will invest the balance of the project's total cost.

"This $9,000,000 infrastructure investment in Windsor is an excellent example of how the Government of Canada is working with municipalities to improve the quality of life of our citizens," said Minister Whelan. "I am pleased to announce this Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program investment on behalf of the Government of Canada, which will have a significant impact on the social and economic development of the Windsor region."

"Taxpayers in Windsor want infrastructure that improves the quality of life, a healthier environment and the economy of their city," said Associate Minister Molinari. "Through our Millennium Partnerships initiative SuperBuild's $19-million investment reconfirms our commitment to cleaning up the Great Lakes and helping to ensure clean, safe water."

"This project is fundamental to the quality of life in Windsor, the Town of LaSalle and the international community who use and enjoy the Detroit River," said Mayor Hurst. "The City of Windsor is pleased to have the support of the provincial and federal governments and we look forward to working with them on this important project in the coming weeks."

This is one of a series of federal and provincial investments to help municipalities protect the health and safety of their residents through essential infrastructure projects totaling more than $973 million to date in Ontario. More announcements under the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program are coming.

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Source: Canadian News Wire