Announces First of New Affiliate Marketing Programs

Jan. 10, 2003, Inc. (, a collaborative-talent web services company, announced the very first of its affiliate marketing program lineup--the Individual Referral Affiliate (IRA) program. provides support and an opportunity for affiliate members to produce impressive revenues. In exchange, affiliates market's commissionable and impressive suite of quality business solution services. Launched on Jan. 2, 2003, the IRA program will be structured in a way familiar to the most experienced affiliate yet be available to the newest or even non-web marketer. The IRA program has distinct advantages over every other affiliate opportunity in the marketplace.

Participants receive sliding scale compensation based upon the amount of revenue they refer to through flexible media. Each client purchase, whether one or five, immediate or over a period of time, will be commissioned to the referring affiliate member. Each affiliate receives a free email address; coded links for website use and a printable template for PromoCards, or business cards. Affiliates then market quality business solutions by utilizing the coded links on their websites or providing a prospect with a PromoCard. even provides a method to protect future referrals with their unique 'Prospect Protection System' allowing entry from affiliates online or via a telephone voicemail system. Should an affiliate feel that a contact may become a future customer of's, they have only to enter the prospect's information into the Prospect Protection database that will be referenced in all future sales. This ensures each affiliate receives the referral identification and recognition they deserve.

Within this partnership,, Inc. has decided to take a step above other programs and extend exemplary service to their affiliates by providing support in every way possible. Each affiliate enjoys an entire support network that includes web access to historical and real-time traffic, sales; "specials" notifications that are sent via email and a monthly affiliate newsletter to keep all participants up-to-date on the latest information and solutions available through Affiliates are provided an opportunity to participate in monthly conference calls for training, questions and affiliate tips and more urgent support is only a phone call or email away. Through their formal partnership with DirectTrack and exciting forethought, has developed the ultimate affiliate program.