Electropure Granted U.S. Patent for Ion Exchange Membrane

Jan. 8, 2003

Electropure Inc. was granted a U.S. Patent for a novel process to make improved ion-exchange membranes, an integral part of its electrodeionization (EDI) water purification technology.

The patent (US 6,503,957) describes a low temperature method for making polypropylene-based ion-exchange membranes, which enable the efficient removal of impurity ions like sodium, chloride, and silica from water. Electropure's process for making membranes is also environmentally friendly, using no solvents of any kind, and is ideal for systems that go into EDI pharmaceutical applications.

"This patent enables Electropure to offer the highest-quality EDI product in the world," said Michael Snow, General Manager of the EDI subsidiary. "Our patented process lets us manufacture ion-exchange membranes continuously at a very reasonable cost, and with strict quality control."

"This patent further protects Electropure as we pursue global commercialization of EDI," said Floyd Panning, president of EDI's parent company, Electropure. "We are continuing to expand our portfolio of U.S. and foreign patents in this technology," Panning added. In addition to using the membrane for its EDI technology, Electropure sells membrane under the tradename "Excellion".

Source: Electropure Inc.