Acquamarin to Provide LightStream's UV Disinfection Technology to Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Dec. 20, 2002

LightStream Technologies, Inc. has appointed Acquamarin, d.o.o. the Exclusive Technology Provider for the LightStream LS Series of advanced pulsed UV water disinfection machines in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina. The five-year agreement balances market exclusivity for Aquamarin with targeted sales of the product line for LightStream.

"Acquamarin has quickly achieved a leadership position in the water and wastewater treatment markets in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina," said LightStream Vice Chairman R. Josh Lanier. "We are excited to align ourselves with such an entrepreneurial company and we anticipate a strong market entry for our LS Series products in these markets," he said.

The LightStream LS Series machines advance ultraviolet (UV) light technology for water treatment by providing the water industry's most precise and powerful disinfection without the traditional risks and liabilities associated with the use of chemicals, mercury lamps or ozone gas.

"We are honored to sign this exclusivity agreement with Lightstream to bring 'state-of-the-art' pulsed UV technology to the Croatian, Bosnian and Hercegovina markets," said Acquamarin CEO Jolanda Tomic´. "The addition of this technology to our product line also reinforces our position as the market leader in providing the most advanced water treatment technologies to our customer base," she said.

LightStream's global Technology Provider network is built on exclusive relationships with leading companies in their respective markets. In addition to market exclusivity, Technology Providers benefit from LightStream's full sales cycle marketing support, technical and service training, and attractive financing programs. The LightStream Technology Provider network will soon reach 40 countries.

Source: LightStream

Image by Burnham RNG, courtesy twentytwo & brand.